Perka Ltd.

Company profile

Our company was launched in 1986 as a private enterprise. We started out making carving, engraving, milling stamps and clichés,producing rubber stamps. In the following years we extended the activity of our company to cutting and metal-processing.

Over the years our company was transformed into a limited partnership company and the number of people working for us significantly increased.

According to the needs of our region, the engraving metal workshop became a family enterprise in the '90s which consisted of a women's section in which the making of stamps the engraving and the sales of gifts were done. Similarly, there was a men's section which went to the direction of metal-processing.

In the '90-s, as a result of the continuous development of Kiskunhalas , we had the pportunity to extend our company in terms of the number of workforce, the wide range of machinery and computerized background.

(References: Levi's, Merkbau, Car Mechanic workshops, Mitsubishi, Citroen, Factories in the wooden and paper industries).

Our company took up the full responsibility of backing the mechanical service of the plant of Levi Strauss Hungary. Later this activity evolved into other areas of Levi Strauss abroad (Poland, Romania, Croatia, South-Africa).

After the start of the new millennium our company was able to present an outstanding technology and come up with innovations that were able to satisfy the demands of foreign companies as well regarding the textile industry.

Our other field was already using the most up to date high-tech machinery and technology by the beginning of the year 2000. For example, we were able to use computerized mechanical and laser-run equipments, embroidery machine, we could make cups, medals and pots with

diamond-cutting as well as to open a gift shop.

In 2006 the company with assigns was formed into two limited companies from which PER-KA Kft. fully specialized in metal-processing, a locksmith and a tool-making workshop and the production of goods made of rubber. We also started making machinery answering individual needs as well as planning automatic machines for the textile industry.

At present the company is functioning as a contractor of a number of foreign companies making blue jeans, and we deliver our products to countries such as Poland, Russia, Pakistan, Vietnam, South-Africa, Belgium, Tunisia and Romania.

The two companies have been operating at the same location site since the very beginning.

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